S800x If you're looking for an out-front mower, look no further than the S800x, it's amazing. It holds a hillside better than any other out-front mower I've tried. Also, it is very easy to access all serviceable parts.

Nick Heinen - Valley Falls, KS

S200x Before I purchased my S200x, I tried every commercial mower out there. What I like best about the S200x is how easy the front wheels transition. It is the smoothest operating zero-turn I've ever tried!

Dave Hastings - Mason, WI

S200xp Propane is better for the environment and saves us time too. We don't have to fill up at the station, there is no carburetor maintenance and no carbon build up on valves. It's a win win for everyone.

Ryan Richardson - Dallas, TX

S150x There is no comparison to the S150x! It's all the way around better than the other brands we've used. It handles great and the service we get from our dealer is top notch.

Peter Burns - Camp, TX

S50x I enjoy mowing with my S50x. It's twice as fast as my old mower and uses less gas too. It takes a lot less effort to mow a lot of yard. I'd definitely recommend and purchase a Snapper Pro again.

Charles Mercer - Lake Waccamaw, NC

S75x Scott Muehlhauser says his St. Louis, Mo., dealership sells more walk-behind mowers than any other in the country. He says that's because they are better on hills and are more compact than zero turn riders. But now that the Snapper Pro S75x is on the scene-a riding mower with a walk-behind footprint- Muehlhauser expects landscapers will be saddling up to this more productive rider. He estimates that landscapers can improve productivity by 30 to 50 percent by using the S75x rather than a walk-behind mower. "They are excellent on hills and fit in tight spots," adds Muehlhauser, owner of Scott's Power Equipment. Sure, zero-turn riders are larger and faster. "But sometimes speed kills," Muehlhauser reminds. "You can tear up turf when you go too fast." Anyway, the larger size of zero-turns can be a logistical impossibility for managing tight areas between landscape beds, through gates, around trees. Additionally, Muehlhauser says the machine's configuration provides a comfortable ride. "Because you ride it like you would a motorcycle or Sea-Doo [jet ski], you use your body weight to help you go up and down hills and to turn on uneven terrain," he explains. "You actually use your body by shifting it to help you turn." But the real selling point for landscapers who try out the mower is its compact size and productivity potential. "It can do many other things that our commercial walk-behinds can do and it takes up less space than a zero-turn rider," he says. "We think this will catch on."

Scott Muehlhauser - Owner, Scott's Power Equipment - St. Louis, MO

S75x When landscape contractors shop Hilliard Lawn & Garden for professional equipment that will give them a competitive edge, owner Scott Cantrell talks productivity. Then, he introduces the Snapper Pro S75x mower. "If you're in commercial mowing, it's a production machine," he says simply. Sized like a walk-behind but powered like an efficient zero-turn mower, the S75x can make sharp turns, enter narrow gates and manage tasks that are usually reserved for walk-behinds. This means time and money savings for the commercial cutter. "The machine doesn't have as big of a footprint as other zero-turn mowers, so you can get in and out of places that you normally couldn't on a riding mower," Cantrell explains, noting that the ride is comfortable and the cut quality pleases commercial clients. "You get good value, plus Snapper Pro is a fantastic line," he sums up.

Sonny Cantrell - Hilliard Lawn & Garden - Hilliard, OH

S75x When Kurt Kluznik priced out the walk-behinds he usually purchases for managing tight spaces on the residential properties his company mows, he was surprised to discover he could purchase a Snapper Pro Evolution for less. Better yet, giving his landscape crews the ability to ride rather than walk will drastically cut time on the job. "It's faster than a walk-behind, and it's designed for comfort and speed," says Kluznik, president of Yardmaster in Painesville, Ohio. "It was the right size machine for us."

Kurt Kluznik - President, Yardmaster - Painesville, OH

SW20 I went into my dealer to purchase a new hydrostatic mower to replace my old 48" unit and came across the Snapper Pro SW20. It tracks great on slopes and it's easy to maneuver around bushes and trees. It's actually easier to release the hydros on the Snapper Pro than my old walk-behind.

Steven G. Wyss - Fort Wayne, IN

SW20 We use our 36" SnapperPro walk-behinds for all of our high-end residential properties. It's a good finish-cut mower, and reliable. When clients want their yards to look like a golf course, we use the SnapperPro.

Ken Edwards - Crew Cut Lawn Service - St. Louis, Mo.

SnapperPro Brand There's plenty of horsepower and it's not built on the cheap. I'm pleased overall with the quality of cut and the solid feel of the mower.

Stephen McFarland - Grounds Management - Maryland Heights, MO

SnapperPro Brand We've been purchasing SnapperPro because they are dependable and Snapper stands by their products. We run our machines non-stop from May until the end of September, and one of our contracts is a military base. The mowers do a really good job for us.

Gary Mazzanna - Mazzanna Landscape - Beaufort, SC

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